Licensing Questions

This page is for people who provide, or want to provide a passenger transportation service.  It provides information about the types of licences and when a licence is required.  

Is a Passenger Transportation Licence required?

Many types of commercial passenger vehicles need a licence.  It is not just taxis, limousines and commercial buses.  If you provide a paying customer with a vehicle and driver, you may need a licence.  Payment may be received directly or indirectly for the transportation.  To learn more about when a licence is needed, see the following:

The chart below shows the types of licences and classes of vehicles that are operated under a licence.  One operator may get a licence that has one or more authorizations. 

Is a licence needed to give restaurant and pub patrons a ride home?

Some licensed establishments offer their patrons a ride home.  The Passenger Transportation Branch posted the following web page to help these businesses know when a licence is required:

When and how does the Board assess fitness?

Applicants and licensees must be “fit and proper persons” and “capable” of providing a transportation service.  The Board considers applicant fitness on all applications.   The Board may also review the fitness of licensees. 

The term “fit and proper” reflects the idea that a licensee has a responsibility to exercise the powers conferred by the granting of a licence with regard to proper standards of conduct. 

After a fitness review, the Board may find that the applicant is fit, attach terms and conditions to a licence or suspend or cancel a licence.

More information about fitness assessments are provided below:

Can the Registrar assess fitness?

The Registrar of Passenger Transportation has the ability to investigate the fitness of General Authorization licensees or applicants.  Click here for more information. 

More questions about licensing requirements?

  • Contact the Duty Inspector at the Passenger Transportation Branch at
    604-453-4250. Click here for more Branch contact options. 

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