Inter-City Bus Applications

Commercial inter-city buses (ICBs) in British Columbia are subject to the licensing requirements of the Passenger Transportation Act. Decisions on applications to start, change, and reduce ICB services are made by the Passenger Transportation Board. Click here for information about how ICB applications are processed.

ICB Applications

This page lists applications from ICB operators that apply to reduce or eliminate a route. Click the application number to see an application’s status, and to learn more about an application. Click here for more information about making submissions or the ICB application process.

Applications for a new ICB licence or to add a new route are published only in the Weekly Bulletin. However, an application for a new or expanded service may also be published when there is an overlap with another application to reduce or eliminate service.

Applicant Application Status
Wilson’s Transportation Ltd.

317-17 (click for details)

Amend terms and conditions of licence:

  1. Route 1B: Victoria – Vancouver (1 trip monthly in each direction)
  2. Route 2: Victoria – Nanaimo (1 trip daily in each direction)
Decision Pending
Greyhound Canada

256-17 (click for details)

Eliminate the routes listed below:

  • I1: Dawson Creek - Fort Nelson
  • I2: Fort Nelson - Yukon Border & Highway 97
  • J: Dawson Creek - Prince George
  • K: Prince George - Fort St James
  • L1: Prince Rupert - Prince George
  • L2: Prince George - Albert Border & Highway 16
  • S2: University Endowment Lands (UBC) - Whistler
  • T: Victoria - Nanaimo
  • Y: Victoria - Vancouver

On all other routes, as listed below, reduce minimum route frequency to two trips weekly in each direction and eliminate some route points:

  • A: Alberta Border - Vancouver
  • B1: Kamloops - Kelowna
  • B2: Kelowna - Penticton
  • C: Vancouver - Osoyoos
  • D: Kelowna - Alberta Border & Highway 3
  • E: Prince George – Vancouver
  • G: Alberta Border & Highway 2 - Dawson Creek
  • N: Alberta Border & Highway 16 - Vancouver
  • P: Kelowna - Vancouver
  • S1: Vancouver – Pemberton / Mt. Currie
Decision Pending
Tofino Bus

233-17 (click for details)

Amend terms and conditions of licence:

Route 1: Nanaimo - Tofino

  • Change all Flag Drop (fd) to Reserve Drop (rd)

Route 2: Victoria - Tofino

  • Increase minimum frequency from 2 to 3 trips daily (each direction) for some points between Victoria and Nanaimo; add route points; and eliminate seasonal minimums and weekly minimums

Route 4: Nanaimo - Campbell River

  • Change all Flag Drop (fd) to Reserve Drop (rd)

Route 5: Campbell River - Port Hardy

  • 4. Change all Flag Drop (fd) to Reserve Drop (rd)
Sunshine Coast Connector Ltd.

220-17 (click for details)

Eliminate route points and change weekly minimum on Route 1
(Powell River to Vancouver)

  • Eliminate two route points (West Vancouver and Vancouver)
  • Change weekly minimum from Monday-Wednesday-Friday to 3 days.

Eliminate Route 2
(Earl’s Cove to Langdale)

  • Eliminate the route.

Past Decisions

Click here to view Board decisions on past ICB applications