Taxi Identification Codes

Each taxi in the Metro Vancouver Regional District must have a unique taxi identification code (TIC) on the outside and inside of the vehicle.

The TIC makes it easier for people to identify vehicles when making compliments or complaints. Taxi companies will spend less time investigating complaints or searching for lost articles. Enforcement officers will be able to recognize vehicles more easily.

The TIC consists of letters and numbers. The letters represent the legal name of the company. The numbers represent the unit or dispatch numbers that taxi companies assign to the vehicle. Taxis that have authority to operate in Vancouver at peak periods display an "S" at the end of their TIC.

Regardless of location, vehicles operated as Single Shift Paired Vehicles must display an "A" for one of the paired vehicles, and a "B" for the other.

Companies must also post a list of vehicles and their corresponding TIC on the company website. If a company does not have a website, it must maintain a list of vehicles and their TIC and make them available upon request.

The Board introduced the Vehicle Identification Rule for Taxicabs in 2014. The rule was last amended December 21, 2018.

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