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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi  CabTaxis provide transportation services to the general public. An important part of taxi services in many communities is serving people with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Accessible taxi vehicles are available in many communities in BC. The number of accessible taxis approved by the Board increased 51% between 2012 and 2017. Operators may use wheelchair accessible taxis to serve any passenger; however, priority must be given to persons with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. To make wheelchair accessible taxis more versatile and economic, especially to operators in rural communities, the vehicles may also have flip seats installed.

Update 2017: Wheelchair Accessible Transportation in BC


Wheelchair Accessible Transportation by Taxi and Inter-city Bus in British Columbia: Update 2017

Update 2017 is a follow up to the PT Board’s first report on wheelchair accessible transportation in BC, published in 2012. The 2017 report notes advances in the accessibility of taxi transportation as well as inter-city bus services. Advances since 2012 include improvements in taxi driver training in Metro Vancouver, a 51% increase in wheelchair accessible taxis in BC, and the introduction of taxi soft meters with "talking meter" capacity. It also notes areas for further progress such as: establishing a provincial taxi driver training framework, making taxi apps more accessible for passengers with disabilities, expanding accessible transportation options in rural and smaller communities, and coordinating dispatch of wheelchair accessible taxis in communities with multiple taxi companies. Transportation companies and people who want to expand accessibility options in commercial passenger transportation are encouraged to read Update 2017.

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