Click the type of special authorization (SA) application you want to make.  The link will take you to the application guide and forms that you need.  

To operate a General Passenger Vehicle, you need a licence with general authorization (GA).  The Passenger Transportation Branch has information and forms for making a GA licence application.  If you do not know what type of licence you need, click here.

Board Considerations

For most SA licence applications, the Board considers the following:

  1. Is there is a public need for the service?
  2. Is the applicant a fit and proper person to provide the service and are they capable of providing the service?
  3. Would approval of the application promote sound economic conditions in the passenger transportation business in British Columbia?

The Board must answer “yes” to all three questions to approve an application. 

For licence transfer applications, the Board only considers item (b), or “fitness.”

About SA Licences

You need a licence with special authorization (SA) to operate:

  1. Passenger Directed Vehicles (PDVs).  These vehicles can carry up to 11 passengers plus the driver.  PDVs include:
    • Taxis
    • Limousines
    • Small Shuttle
  2. Inter-City Buses

The Board makes decisions on SA applications.