Taxi Cameras in British Columbia

Taxi Camera DecalTaxi cameras are used in British Columbia to make it safer for taxi drivers to operate taxicabs, especially at night. Taxi cameras deter crime and help police identify suspects and prosecute offenders.

The Passenger Transportation Board sets standards and requirements so taxi cameras perform as intended. The requirements also provide important safeguards that protect the privacy of taxicab passengers and drivers.

Taxi camera programs are operating in Greater Vancouver, Greater Victoria, the Chilliwack and Abbotsford areas, Prince George and Williams Lake. Elsewhere in BC, taxi companies can set up a local taxi camera program when Board requirements are met.

This web page lists participants in BC taxi camera programs, as well as Board equipment standards and camera operating requirements.

BC Taxi Camera Rule

Board Rule | BC Taxi Camera Rule


Local Taxi Camera Programs

Lower Mainland (Vancouver Area)

Program Overview | Lower Mainland Taxi Camera Overview

Fraser Valley (Chilliwack & Abbotsford Area)

Program Overview | Fraser Valley Taxi Camera Overview

Victoria and Area (Capital Regional District)

Program Overview | CRD Taxi Camera Overview

Prince George

Program Overview | Prince George Taxi Camera Overview

Williams Lake

Program Overview | Williams Lake Taxi Camera Overview

Camera Approvals

Participants in a taxi camera program may only use Board-approved taxi camera equipment that is listed in Appendix B of the BC Taxi Camera Rule.  Manufacturers of commercial-grade taxi cameras can request Board approval with the following documents:

Info Sheets

The Board produced a set of taxi camera info sheets to address common taxi camera questions and issues faced by passengers, taxi drivers and managers of taxi companies.

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The former Motor Carrier Commission published the following documents before the Passenger Transportation Board was established in June 2004. Commission Orders are no longer in force. The documents are provided as background information about the start of taxi camera programs in BC.

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