Taxi Standards Project

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The Board posted its Taxi Standards Report in April 2014. The report is about how some taxi companies in BC collect, use and manage data as part of their taxi operation. It also discusses performance standards and reporting.

If you own or manage a taxi company in BC, this report address current and emerging issues that are relevant to taxi operations.  The report is especially applicable to taxi companies that expect to apply for additional taxis.

   Download:   2014 Taxi Standards Report

In October 2014, a Board member hosted a Taxi Data Workshop in Vancouver with provincial taxi industry representatives.  The workshop gave Board and industry representatives a forum to discuss opportunities and challenges for enhancing the use of operational taxi data.  We are making the Board’s PowerPoint slides from the workshop accessible to people with an interest in our province’s taxi industry.

   Download:   2014 Taxi Data Workshop

Data Reporting Tools

The Board produced guides and spreadsheets to assist applicants when they apply for more taxis. Use of the spreadsheets is required in areas with a population of 60,000 or more. In smaller communities, they are recommended.

Spreadsheets A  |  Taxi Data
Reference Sheet 16  |  Operational Taxi Data
‘Apply’ Webpage  |  I want to add taxis to my fleet

In 2016, the Board introduced spreadsheets that limousine operators can use to summarize booking and vehicle usage data.   These spreadsheets are available on the ‘Apply’ webpage for adding limousines to a fleet.