All forms that are received directly by the PT Board are consolidated on this page. It is recommended that you follow the application process for the type of Application you are preparing as the application specific related forms are identified there.

The following Application Guides give you details about specific Board application requirements and processes.    

Guide 1: I want to start a new taxi service Apply
Guide 2: I want to change my taxi licence Apply
Guide 3: I want to add taxis to my fleet Apply
Guide 4:

I want to change my taxi rates or rules



Guide 5: I want to start a new limousine service Apply
Guide 5.1: I want to start a luxury, app-based transportation service Apply
Guide 6: I want to change my limousine licence Apply
Guide 7: I want to add limousines to my fleet Apply
Guide 8: I want to change my limousine rates or rules Apply
Passenger Directed Vehicles (PDVs) That Are Not Taxis or Limousines
Guide 9: I want to start a new PDV service Apply
Guide 10: I want to change my PDV licence Apply
Guide 11: I want to add PDVs to my fleet Apply
Guide 12: I want to change my PDV rates or rules



Transferring Licences
Guide 13: I want to transfer my licence / I want to obtain the licence Apply
Inter-city Buses (ICBs)
Guide 14: I want to start a new ICB service or add a route Apply
Guide 15: I want to reduce minimum service levels or eliminate a route for my inter-city bus service Apply

The following Reference Sheets give you details about specific Board application requirements and processes.    

Process Overview
Sheet 1: Overview of Special Authorization Application Processes


Basic Application Requirements
Sheet 2: Business Plans
Sheet 2.1: Business Plan Updates
Sheet 3: Sample Business Plan Outline
Sheet 4: Financial Information


Special Processes
Sheet 5: Urgent Public Need


Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
Sheet 7: Preparing an Accessible Service Plan


Sheet 8: Making a Submission on an Application


Sheet 9: Estimated Timelines to Process an Application


Sheet 10: Sample Terms and Conditions for Special Authorization Licences


Public Hearings & Meetings
Sheet 11: Public Hearings into an Application for a Taxi, Limousine or other PDV Licence
Sheet 12: Preparing for a Public Hearing into an Application for a Taxi,
Limousine or other PDV Licence
Sheet 13: Public Meetings about an Application to Reduce Inter-City Bus Service


Post-Decision Options
Sheet 14: Options after a Decision


Licensee Fitness
Sheet 15: Fitness Reviews by the Passenger Transportation Board
Data Reports in Applications
Sheet 16: Operational Taxi Data
Sheet 17: Temporary Operating Permits: Taxis, Limousines and other PDVs
Eco-Friendly Taxis
Sheet 18: Eco-Friendly Taxis
Application Forms Packages
Package 9002 Board Optional Forms Package
Package 9003

PDV Forms Package

Package 9003 S

Taxi Modernization Supply Increases Package

Package 9004 ICB Forms Package
Package 9004-S Simplified ICB Application Package
Individual Board Application Forms
PT Board Form 1

PDV Vehicle Proposal

PT Board Form 2

PDV Proposed Terms and Conditions of Licence

PT Board Form 4

Municipal Notice (Taxi Applications)

PT Board Form 5

Disclosure of Unlawful Activity & Bankruptcy

PT Board Form 6

Public Explanation of PDV Application

PT Board Form 7

ICB Application Summary

PT Board Form 8

ICB Route Worksheet

PT Board Form 9

Condensed Operating Plan

PT Board Form 10

Metered Taxi Rates

PT Board Form 11

Hourly Charter Rates

PT Board Form 12

Point-to-Point Rates or Flat Rates

PT Board Form 13

Individual Fares

PT Board Form 14

PDV Rules

PT Board Form 15

Reconsideration Request

PT Board Form 16

Voluntary Taxi Bill of Rights Start Up Request 

PT Board Form 17


PT Board Form 18

BC Taxi Camera Field Test Plan

PT Board Form 19

Taxi Camera Approval Request

PT Board Form 20

Taxi Soft Meter Declaration of Compliance

PT Board Form 21

Taxi Camera Specifications Worksheet

PT Board Form 22

TLCI Rate Increase Request for Taxis
(Subject to availability. See Taxi & Limousine Cost Index.)

Data Spreadsheets for Applicants
Spreadsheet A

Taxi Data Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet B

Limousine Data Spreadsheets

Appeals to the Board


Appeals relate to administrative penalties imposed by the Registrar of Passenger Transportation


Appeal Procedure Handbook


Notice of Appeal


Request to Suspend Administrative Penalties


Board Credit Card Payment Form

Credit Card Payments to the Board


Use the Board Credit Card Payment Form when you:

  • send a submission on an application that was published in the Board’s Weekly Bulletin, or
  • send a Notice of Appeal to the Board (respecting a penalty by the Registrar)


The Passenger Transportation Branch collects fees when you:

  • send an application package 
  • renew a licence or plate

The Branch does not use a credit card remittance form.  When the Branch receives your application, Branch staff will contact you by telephone to request your credit card information and authorization.

Vehicle Banding


Vehicle Banding Request Form (PDVs only)

Special Authorization Licence Applications
PTR 5010 Special Authorization Licence Application Package (PDVs & ICBs)
PTR 5025 Special Authorization Licence Transfer Application Package (PDVs & ICBs)
PTR 5026 Special Authorization Change PDV Rates or Rules Application Package
Other Branch Forms
If you need any other form from the Passenger Transportation Branch, go to the Branch forms webpage.